Check out these top kitchen design trends for 2019 – based off insights from top designers, found in an “Elle Décor” article by Monique Valeris and Lucia Tonelli (link below).

This year designers are saying it is “all about refreshing your cooking space.”

Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2019:

1 Clever, Concealed Storage – Crisp, Clean Look For Your Kitchen

2 Pewter And Gunmetal Hardware – Add Texture And Depth

3 Open Shelving – Add A Bold Statement & Functionality

4 Vintage Vibe – Harmonious Blend Of Modern & Vintage-Inspired

5 Colored Upholstery – Sneak In Accent Colors For A Pop

6 Use Of Wood – Add Timeless Warmth & Customization With This Versatile Material

7 Colored Cabinetry – Make A Statement & Create A Mood

8 Contrasting Textures -Keep Things Interesting

9 Raw Materials –Allow The Materials To Shine On Their Own

10 Integrated Appliances – Seemless Look Coupled With Convenience

11 Pendant Light Fixtures – Sculptural Jewelry For Your Space

12 Digital Technology – Innovative, New Pleasures

13 Hunter Green – Classi, Cozy, Fashionable

14 Tall Backsplashes – Taking Your Design To New Heights

15 Classic & Modern – Integrated For Ageless Attractiveness

16 Matte Black – Crisp Accept Color In Lighter Kitchens

17 Leather And Wood Drawer Pulls – Organic Ornaments

At Summit Oak Homes, our clients and designers are already ahead of these design trends and incorporating them in our custom home builds, further adding luxury and function in the heart of the home – the kitchen.
Which trend is your favorite? Interested the full article, click here.

Dream Big, Build Smart,

Tabitha Ellis